You can commission a pastel painting of your beloved pet, favourite wildlife, or breathtaking scene.

Using the highest quality archival materials, I will strive to
produce a painting in a realistic, representational style that you will be proud to have in your home and treasure for many years to come!

How I work

I always work from photos. In order to achieve a good likeness and capture the animal’s personality I require 3 or 4 good quality images. The quality and detail of the finished portrait is reliant upon you providing such photos, from which I can ascertain features, expressions, coat colour etc. If you need tips for taking suitable photos you can find them below.

Progress photos and updates will be provided if you wish, and gift vouchers are available, perfect for that last minute! Gift vouchers also mean that the recipient gets to be involved in the planning of the portrait and enjoy its development with progress updates.


My prices are a reflection of the time I spend and the quality of materials I use. I endeavour to produce the best likeness of your vision that I can, regardless of the time this takes me. I can advise you on a suitable size, background colour etc. if you need help with this.

Quoted prices below are for one pet per size (head/shoulder) on a blurred or plain background. There is an additional charge for each extra pet included in the portrait.

Quoted prices do not include frames, but the artwork will arrive mounted and ready for framing on 5mm foam core board.

Postage is charged at a flat rate of $15.00 within Australia, with a tracking number provided to you via text or email. International shipping is available but will incur postage costs which vary and will be determined at the time of commission.

Detailed backgrounds will incur an extra charge to be agreed upon due to the additional time involved.

Commissioned pieces such as landscapes and still life would need to be discussed further to establish your vision before a pricing could be given. The following prices are in AUD.

SizeHead PortraitFull Body

Additional subjects in the same portrait are 30% extra due to the extra work and time involved.

The smaller 35x25cm size is generally not appropriate for more than one larger animal. I’m happy to quote on smaller or larger sizes, depending on your requirements.

Timing & Delivery

The time taken depends upon the number of commissions I am working on at the time. I can occasionally fit in a last-minute portrait so it’s worth asking.

Turnaround is approximately 3 to 4 weeks for a single pet portrait in pastel. If there are multiple images in your portrait, delivery may be a little longer. I will advise you if this is the case when ordering. Please book early for Christmas to avoid disappointment.

General Terms and Conditions

The price of the portrait must be agreed to by both parties in writing before I will start any work on the commission. ie Multiple animals, backgrounds.

A 50% non-refundable deposit must be received before I will start any work on the commission, the deposit will only be refunded if I am unable to start or complete the commission for any reason.

The balance is due after completion of the artwork, when I will email you a preview of the finished portrait. I then ask for the balance of the payment prior to shipping – payment is to be made via direct deposit.

I do not offer a framing service but provide detailed instructions on what is required.

GST is not charged on portraits.

Copyright rests with the artist, unless specifically agreed in writing, before the commission is started.

Portraits will be painted/drawn from good clear photographs supplied by the client. The final outcome will be based on the likeness to the photograph, not to the memory of the ‘subject’.
In the event of a client being unhappy with the likeness a resolution will be sought by negotiation but the outcome is solely at the artist’s discretion.

The artist requires permission to use any photographs by professional photographers for use in portraits.

Time frames are subject to availability of the artist at the time of the order being placed.
I take no responsibility for Australia Post’s handling of products but will ensure to the best of my ability the packaging is adequate to avoid damages.

Further information about pastel

Pastel is powdered pigment mixed together with a binder. It is the most permanent of media as it does not yellow, crack or darken as it ages. It is however, a powdered pigment with a delicate surface. If not handled and framed correctly, the pigment can be smeared or knocked off the surface. I sometimes use a small amount of fixative but avoid it as much as possible as it can impact upon the vibrancy of the artwork.

General Care of your pastel portrait

Please do not hang your artwork in strong or direct sunlight as this will cause irreparable fading! High humidity areas such as bathrooms should also be avoided. Do not store in dark, musty places.

Tips for taking photos

Remember the quality of the reference photos you provide makes a big difference to the work I can produce for you. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have an amazing camera as most newer mobile phones can take great pics, you just need to know a few trick

  1. Outdoors on a slightly overcast day or at least natural light indoors will give the best results, for example near a window.
  2. Try and get down to your pet’s eye level or ask them nicely to sit on a chair or the couch – maybe not if it’s a horse portrait though! If you are requesting a detailed background this can also look good so consider the chair, fabric, a blanket etc.
  3. Try and avoid flash photography as it can distort the colours. Natural lighting is ALWAYS best.
  4. Don’t expect to get it the first time – it could take 50 photos to get a couple of suitable ones.
  5. Enlist the help of a friend to assist your pet in his or her best model pose while you take the photos. They can also bribe your furry friend with treats while you get snapping with the camera.
  6. Lastly, chill out and try to have fun. Your animal will be more relaxed that way and their personality will shine through!

Contact me to start your commission!