Discovering art at a young age, Jenny was often found drawing horses, princesses and whatever other wonderful things that took her fancy. A teacher in high school, where she made her first art sale, encouraged her to continue further study in fine art but Jenny decided against this idea and had no other formal training. Occasionally she would paint and sell pieces through her father’s work colleagues or a stall at the market as a teenager but then life got in the way and her own artistic endeavours ceased for many years.

Still passionate about art, and with some gentle nudging from friends, Jenny decided to take some tentative steps back to her artistic side and picked up her beloved soft pastels again. This in turn fuelled her desire to be more creative and, along with her love of animals, has now resulted in her accepting commissions from clients wanting bespoke portraits of their beloved pets, wildlife, inspirational scenes or landscapes.

Jenny is a member of The Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia and plans on continuing to learn and grow as an artist, attending workshops and producing many more paintings in the years ahead.